Food is one of the most powerful portals to transformation. Whether you're looking to address digestive issues, reach optimal weight, improve energy or reconnect with your body, nutrition therapy and coaching is an impactful route to wellness.

Each of us has our own story and individual biochemistry. As your practitioner, I work to understand not only your goals but who you are as a whole person. Taking into account your health history, lifestyle, budget, schedule and preferences, we will work in partnership to create a nutrition plan to meet your specific needs. 


In our initial session, we'll explore your current health concerns, your relationship with food and your body, eating habits and beliefs about food, and start to create a plan tailored for you. 

Follow-up sessions focus on tracking health progress, cultivating intuitive eating skills, and developing sustainable food, movement, and health habits.

I will also provide resources like additional reading, journaling exercises, self-care practices, and messaging support between sessions.

We will: 

  • Support your whole body's health, addressing body systems including digestion and hormones
  • Cultivate balance, flexibility and peace with your relationship to food and body
  • Reconnect with your body's cues 
  • Develop skills in intuitive and mindful eating
  • Identify meals and cooking techniques that work best for your lifestyle, budget and preferences